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Scrufflefluff the Griffin, Birthday Mischief Managed

Happy BIrthday J.J. Rowling!!! APARECIUM!!! The Birthday Mischief Managed has finally BEEN REVEALED to all, Muggle-born and Harry Potter fans alike! Sugar talent from all over the world has come together in honor of J.K. Rowling ’s Birthday and the new Fantastic Beasts Movie ! Please, visit the WHOLE collaboration, you will enjoy it!!!


Scrufflefluff and Ash are best friends. Ash was raised high in the mountains, and spent much time alone in forests and meadows. Ash discovered Scrufflefluff as an injured kitten-chick, and also discovered previously un-tapped magical powers while defending the scruffy baby from the muggles who were “family”.

The two fled, and lived in a dry, sweet cave in happy harmony. Ash would laugh at Scrufflefluff’s baby antics, healed his broken leg, and gave him his name for his un-griffinlike and highly undignified crest of silly fluff. They have fast friends ever since. It is nearly impossible to win the unbreakable devotion of a Griffin. Ash never shirked the (bloody) responsibilty of the proper feeding of a Griffin kitten-chick, bringing Scruffle many rabbits until he learned to hunt them himself. Then Scruffle hunted for them both!

When Hogwarts heard of the pair, Ash was extended an Invitation by Owl to attend Hogwarts, in Specialized Research of Creature Studies. Now, while Scrufflefluff wings about on his own, looking for lady Griffins, he returns frequently to Ash’s eyrie tower room for snuggles and rabbit tidbits. Ash has been spotted clambering onto Scruffle’s back periodically and taking wild flights at all hours. He is naturally the beloved Mascot of Gryffyndor, who welcomed Ash as long-lost kin with wide open arms.

Hogwarts visitors are advised to look for Scruffle’s Orange Ribbon (normally tied at his throat) if they see a Griffin approaching, and to please hold all spells.

Made with the assistance of Magic Colours incredibly spell-worthy Metallic Paints and Pro Gel Colours

xxoo Heather at Art2Eat Cakes

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-- Heather S, CO/USA, www.art2eatcakes.com

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sugar voyager

Absolutely fantastic💖 Love it!!😍

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Great piece…

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes (Anna)

Your creations blow me away!

Tartas Imposibles

Amazing piece lovely, this design is stunning!!



Calli Creations

Jaw on FLOOR!!! Wow Heather, that’s incredible sculpting and loving the design detailing.. And the story https://uk.pinterest.com/CalliciousC/sculpted-cakes/

Jeanne Winslow

So amazing! Loved the whole collaboration :)

Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)

Really beautiful work. A lot of emotion shown in this piece. Fabulous.

Maira Liboa



Absolutely incredible!!! Such amazing work!!!

Heather -Art2Eat Cakes- Sherman

Thank you everyone! Scruffle sends fluffy hugs

Irina - Ennas' Cake Design

Amazing! Can’t stop saying it 😊

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Scrufflefluff the Griffin, Birthday Mischief Managed