Joint Birthday cake

Joint Birthday cake

This was from a few weeks ago and the design had changed about 4 times even up to the last week. As you can see it was a huge project that took me many hours – a bit a google searching for a couple of the characters like Mr Tumble and the twirlywoo as I’ve never heard of them.

Its got to of been at least 10 if not more since I made a Teletubby but the other characters I know lol.

The main cake was decorated in the theme of ‘Peppa pig’ as that was Rishi’s favourite one.
Thank you for looking
Carol x



So adorable. Great modelling xx


Amazing cake!! The details are brilliant!!

Laura Loukaides -

Thank you Carla, Anka, Enza, Laura and Galyna for your lovely comments xx


This is really fantastic cake! So cute and beautiful! 👏🏻👍🏻💖

That’s a lot of hard work 👏👏