Hammer Time

Hammer Time
Hammer Time Hammer Time

This beast was a 4 footer, one of my largest suspended cakes so far. Had very few technical probles with this one, the structure was solid. However; when the client brought it home her great dane ate the face off BEFORE the party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fantastic cake, my youngest son loves sharks! Such a shame about the dog trouble
My dog ate half of my kids cake years ago! :-)

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Oh NO!!!!!!!!! Sorry I know it’s not funny but I did have a tiny little chuckle :-)
But what a fantastic cake, and good job you got a really good photo of it too.
I really don’t like sending cakes to houses with large dogs, I have a customer with two massive hairy Golden Retrievers who run riot. The thought of all that work gone in one bite!!


Wow this is awesome and you know it is a great cake when the dog eats it first,lol!

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Omg!!! Well at least it wasn’t your dog… Oh dear, but hey, it’s one amazing sculpture!!!

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Awesome cake! Sorry, I had to laugh at your story. If I was present at the time the dog ate part of the cake I would have died laughing. After all, our fur babies are just like children.

Very cool cake! Great job!

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Terrific cake…great picture…I did chuckle at the story. Not a very smart customer I must say….I had a golden retriever, and I never left any food within her reach..or it disappeared…

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This is so cool! Perfect work! 👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻