JULIA - Sugar Art for Autism (SugarArt4Autism) collaboration

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This is my contribution to the Sugar Art for Autism collab. I am so proud of the work done by admins Dina, Suzy and Samantha…they really led the charge with this one in driving awareness for this much misunderstood disorder.

I was inspired to participate by close cake friends that are affected by this and although I knew a bit about it, I learned heaps more from being involved.

My piece is based around the newest Sesame Street character Julia, who is the first autistic in the franchise. I also included my take on artwork by Kevin Hosseini, an artist on the spectrum on the bottom tier.

I was immediately drawn to this painting (pic above is the original by the artist), so I just had to use it in my piece. I’d already chosen to base my piece around Julia, but could not overlook the emotions I felt when I first saw that painting. It evoked a sense of rising from the struggles and storms that a parent goes through when their child is first diagnosed with autism, into the bright light of hope when they learn how to deal and live with someone afflicted by it.

The quilled rainbow heart I used, symbolizes understanding and acceptance of those with autism. The black and white fantasy flowers symbolize the struggles. And of course Julia is a symbol of acceptance but is also educating people from young to old on what the disorder is all about and how we all can be more accepting.

I wanted to bring all these pieces together in one happy message of love and perseverance over the struggles of autism.


This is a very important and meaningful collaboration and we hope we’ve motivated you to make a difference. We’ve partnered with 2 worthy Charities who provide much needed support to those with Autism and their families. Please take a moment to click the links, learn more about them and if you can spare a donation, all the better!



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Stunning! Amazing work Violet! ❤️❤️❤️

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Love this. I didn’t know about this character (not a much watched show here) but it’s great that they’ve included her.

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I want to squeeze her with kisses!
Wonderful work xxxx

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Totally in LOVE dear Violet! That bottom tier is pure ART!!!!! Pinned yo my Autism board https://uk.pinterest.com/CalliciousC/autism-awareness-sugar-art/

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Simply amazing Violet…love your pieve and how its all come together

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It’s so cute Violet!

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Violet, such a beautiful piece!!

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