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Eye Contact is Overrated - Collaborating to Raise Awareness

What happens when nearly 100 cake artists from 21 countries come together to raise awareness for Autism? They create something utterly amazing, heartfelt and meaningful. Something that proudly honors those with Autism and their loved ones.

We’ve done more than just bake a cake . . . so head on over and take a look. We hope through our actions, you too will be motivated to make a difference. And if you can spare a donation to our chosen charities, all the better!It was such an Amazing honor to be a part of this group of Talented Artists. Please take a moment to check out my piece and all of the other beautiful pieces. My piece was inspired by the Artist Stefanie Sacks

I was so inspired by the idea for this collaboration. Seeing the beautiful pieces from “The Art of Autism” and the Autism Unveiled Project. It was very moving. After that it was no question, I wanted on board.
When I first saw Stefanie Sacks piece I was drawn in by its bold colors and its message. “ Eye Contact is Overrated”.I feel like this is something everyone can relate to, but on different levels. Her strength and her drive is inspiring. I wanted to bring this bold message into the Sugar World.

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i so love this one with all the bright collors great piece of art

sugar voyager


Sugargourmande Lou

So cleverly done !! xxx


Colorful and pretty!

Felien-Decor 'N Dessert Diva


Laura Peterson

Thank you everyone. I was very inspired by Stefanie ’ s work. What A Strong message

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Truly gorgeous! Love your piece!




Fantastic !!

Tartas Imposibles

Beautiful piece!! ♥

Claire Potts

Amazing X

Time for Tiffin

Lovely design

Gulnaz Mitchell


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Eye Contact is Overrated - Collaborating to Raise Awareness