Avante Garde Cake

Avante Garde Cake
Avante Garde Cake Avante Garde Cake Avante Garde Cake Avante Garde Cake

Hi guyz excited to share my latest cake for Avant Garde Cake Collaboration. I broke the barriers of tradition in make up and accessories, keeping Spring colors in mind and adding a touch of neon colors to the theme.The spring flowers and butterflies are kept plain and its vibrant colors transferred to your hair and Make up. The hairstyles is an attempt to revive the classic period of Roccoco, but giving the style a modern definition.Now does that break norms? ;) it is for you to decide. Thank you so much for looking at my work! ♥ Cakes en Vogue.


I am in awww with this piece!!!! I love the colors and details are amazing!!!!


This is breathtakingly beautiful Sherin. Seriously, it is a masterpiece! ❤️

Jenny, Castle Rock, CO www.facebook.com/JennysHauteCakes

so amazing!! I love her face, so regal!!!!!!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

I can’t quite come up with the right word to describe this piece of art. I’m quite speechless just gazing at it!

A beautiful sight to behold! Incredible artistry!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

so beautiful

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