Delighted to get the chance to share cakes on this wonderful forum.


I love Leonid tooo check out my cakes i am so inspired by him and i love your cakes xoxo


Danijela, I can see may similarities between our cake styles, beautiful work.


Yes love your work and thank you for such nice comments xo


I love so much your painted cakes! :)


wow your painting skills are amazing, i am very excited to follow you xx

ellie's elegant cakery

Hi glad I have found you on here 👏👏😆 I’m now following xx

Wow your cakes are amazing and your painting is incredible – new follow xx


Thank you for the follow!!! New fan here!!!

Learn from the past! Get yourself a blank canvas and paint your own life. Be your own artist! Mila,

Hi new follow from me, lovely work. Pop by sometime and say Hi xx

Zoe @ sweet foxylicious x

Wow! So happy to connect with you here on CD! You and your work are truly inspirational!

Sugar Coated by Nehha

Looove your style,new follower :)

A Tiny Red Dot Bakes

Hi there !!! Thanks to the Garden of the world Collaboration I have been able to get to know your work!!! soooooooooo Here’s a new follower!!!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Hi, new follow from me too! Love your work! xx

Hey thanks for the follow! I am stunned to see your work…it’s amazing..following you back! :)

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