Dusty the Dog

Dusty the Dog
Dusty the Dog Dusty the Dog Dusty the Dog

This is Dusty. He was due for collection last weekend but I really, really wanted to go to CI in Birmingham, so my customer said he was happy for me to make Dusty a little earlier and he’d collect him from my lovely neighbours (I knew the cake would be fine once it was covered)
So Dusty went from my kitchen to my neighbours. And while there, he travelled all around the house as they tried to keep him from their grandson’s little hands :)
Once collected, he became a lovely surprise for the customer’s wife and a centrepiece at the party. But she couldn’t eat him….so he travelled on. He then went to Derian House, a local children’s hospice. He was certainly a well travelled little pup!
And of course I went to CI which was fantastic! xx

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