Inner Demon

Inner Demon
Inner Demon Inner Demon Inner Demon Inner Demon

Woohoo! SugarSpooks are back! This was my piece for this year’s collab, a sort of sequel to the piece I did last year! This is Ivan facing his inner demon, Nemis! Nemis is crawling up out of Ivan from the pits of his insides (quite messy haha).

This was fun, but also a challenge to sculpt because of the dramatically stretched mouth and interaction between the two characters! I hope you all like it!



Oh my gawd, this is so good, so dramatic and the inner demon is actually scarily cute. Fab piece of art, fab collab. 😍😍😍 x

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We all have one! Fantastic Erin!! <3

Daniel Diéguez Cake Artist

Amazing Erin!!! It´s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! wowow!!!!


OMG! That is just awesome!

Teri, Ontario, Canada

This is sooooo creepy cool!!

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Awesome work love!!! You rock again, this piece is amazing!!! Congrats hunnie!!! ♥ |||

wow!! incredible ! great job