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The SUPER Compromise

Ok before we go any further YES DC and Marvel can compromise too! Just ask the Lego characters, everyone is fighting crime together :)

I created this wedding cake for my couple in 2014. The concept was dreamed up by the groom and his bride was just as excited. A true honor to have been given artistic freedom with but a list of “heroes” to add.

The bride’s side is inspired and designed after the dress, the pleats and embellishments can be seen but WOLVERINE’S CLAW HAS TORN THROUGH IT! RAWWRR does he say rawrr?

The Hulk fist topper is a keepsake. I hand-carved from polymer clay and crafted a miniature veil and adorned a top-hat. Beats a traditional plastic bride and groom statue wouldn’t you agree?

What’s inside? The couples color scheme/theme was purple. Inside is a purple velvet vanilla cake and marshmallow buttercream. Definitely, a super wedding for a super cool couple, who have a super first anniversary approaching!

-- Schmiles, Chef Mitchie

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sugar voyager

Super cool!!✨💖

Chef Mitchie

thanks Sugar!


Looks awesome!

Gilles Leblanc

Love it.

Calli Creations

Wow, this is amazing… Done with a difference, so original in design… love it

Chef Mitchie

My friends I thank you. I love dual sided cakes!

Lovin' From The Oven

Love it Mitchie!


Omg definitely supercool ! Love the design

Znique Creations

So cool!!

Elli Warren

Looks fantastic!! :-) x

Chef Mitchie

^ You cats n kittens are SUPER cool! Thanks for the Schugary Love xoo



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The SUPER Compromise