Ruffles Galore

Ruffles Galore

One of the wedding cakes from last weekend and has got to be one of my favourite wedding cakes (apart from my Gold award one for obvious reasons!) I love this shot of the cake showing the delicate ruffles and the wood effect panels. It was quite tricky getting the colour to match the swatch that Hayley gave me but I got there in the end and it is gorgeous don’t you think?

Ivory and Mocha panels where I painted the panels with sugarflair superwhite powder mixed with boiled water as this had a more natural look. The middle tier is Mocha sprayed with Pearl lustre as Hayley (my Bride) wanted a light shimmer look to it.

Some of you may recognise the design as it is very similar to my Gold award from CI London. Hayleys Mum booked the cake last year but the design wasn’t chosen till a few months ago so when they came to see me Hayley loved my Gold award winning cake and the ruffles from my Silver award one but in her words ’wasn’t a flower girl’ so I quickly did a sketch of this design and she loved it. You know me and my ruffles so I was so excited to make her cake, the colour combination, stripes and ruffles just go perfect and it looked stunning at the venue Elton Furze Golf Club. (Just wish they had placed the cake table in a better position one of my pet gripes at venues!!)
Hope you like it,

Carol x



Adore! Saw it face book earlier today and fell in love with it :) <3

Amanda, Baked4U x

so very pretty…

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

I love this so much, beautiful x

ellie's elegant cakery

Thank you Ana, Amanda, June and Ellie so glad you all like it :) :) :) xx


So beautiful Carol, I love it!

sugar and art - perfect combination!