Frozen Fever

Frozen Fever
Frozen Fever Frozen Fever

A while back I donated a cake to an online auction to raise money for the lion fund at Five Sisters Zoo in Scotland. I’m not a usually a fan of zoos but they’re hoping to give a group of ex-circus lions a safe forever home so I was glad to help.
And this was the chosen cake. It was for a Frozen Fever party. So this is inspired by the cake in the film.
However the cake in the film had Anna and Elsa ice figures on top. I originally made white figures then sprayed pearl lustre to try to make them look a little like ice. But they looked more like two brides rather than Anna and Elsa, so I airbrushed them ice blue and they looked a lot more frozen!
And since it was the little girl’s birthday the day before her party, and I had a little extra cake, I also made a mini version…so she had her very own little cake for her birthday too xx

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