Mikaël's Premiere !

Mikaël's Premiere !
Mikaël's Premiere ! Mikaël's Premiere !

We realized a cake on the theme of cinema, which was a surprise for the 35th birthday of Mikaël. We chose to leave a creation rather classy and different on this theme, in the spirit of “Cannes films festival”. So, for the base tier a suit, with its bowtie, a golden cinema ticket in his pocket for the Premiere of Mikaël Movie ^^. Above, we set up a cinema’s room, the age of Mikaël, appears the form of number of it. Finally, we installed a small cinema for the topper. A curved and draped screen, where the first name of Mikaël is apply in golden letter, about ten small seats of cinema modelled in 3D to welcome the guests. We hope the surprise were total :) What do you think?

Sébastien & Jonathan
- Un Jeu d’Enfant -

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