Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

This Cake was for my gorgeous Little Cousin Jamie (who is 5 months old) christening today. What a sweet heart – he was all smiles 💖😍 I got lots of cuddles

Some of the animals 😀

Znique Creations at


Here it is !! Lovely cake, love all the animals !!

Dina @ miettes,

Ha ha ha Dina, you knew right from the start 😀 Thank you so much 💖💖

Znique Creations at

Oh Zelda love how you have tackled this it is truly amazing x

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

omg those whales are the most adorable thing ever! beautiful cake Zelda <3

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So pretty Zelda!

Learn from the past! Get yourself a blank canvas and paint your own life. Be your own artist! Mila,

How adorable is this cake. Love it 💗


Oh my gosh the detail!!!! Gorgeous!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Wonderful work Zelda!!

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes