Friends through the Years - Best Friends Day Collaboration

Friends through the Years - Best Friends Day Collaboration

Thirty cake artists from around the world have joined together to bring you this sweet collaboration celebrating friendship.

My cake represents the longlasting friendships we are lucky enough to have through life. Those friends that you grow with, have fun with and where you support each other through ups and downs of life. It is also meant to show how with those kind of friends that never changes even through the years. I really hope you like it.

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Sugarpatch Cakes


Lovely….gorgeous painting xx

sugar and art - perfect combination!

Love your theme and love having you as a friend too! X

Mel, Yorkshire,

This is fantastic!!! Love the artwork!!

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Wonderful theme! The painting is excellent and just captures each age!

Jenny, Castle Rock, CO

Lovely :)

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