Tulip Basket

Tulip Basket
Tulip Basket Tulip Basket Tulip Basket

I’m just getting to the point where I am uploading my cakes to cakesdecor. This was from March. I have only previously ever made a handful of wired flowers, so this was definitely new turf for me. The client originally asked for a large amount of floral buttercream cupcakes and was amazing to work with when I found an inspiration photo of a basket of tulips and allowed me to run with it. There were over 40 tulips on this cake.

Rachael Morris


Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. This is so beautiful! Love all the colors.

I did a tulip cake a few months ago and I really liked it but it fell short of what I envisioned…this cake is what I dreamed of 😉
It’s just perfect!!!! ✨💖✨

Waw ! It’s beautiful : ) and the tulip is my favorit flower ;)

Beautiful xx great job!!


Gorgeous! Your colors are so vibrant!

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