I am from Morocco, a bride and a mother of two children. I have an eternal passion of the beautiful things, fine, original, artistic… I always adored making the good cooking and of the fine cake shop to my family and my friends!

When I discovered the world of the design cake, everything in changed in my life and I decided not to part from it any more and to make my job.

Thanks to my family, my friends and to all my fans for your encouragements and your sweetened comments ;)

Welcome to cakes decor. J’aime beaucoup le jeu de mots de “Fees Maison” au lieu de “Fait Maison”…
Dina @miettes

Dina @ miettes,

Merci beaucoup Dina pour votre gentil mot et votre commentaire ;)

A bientôt

Welcome to CakesDecor! Thank you for the follow… looking forward to seeing ALL of your new posts too! ♥


Thank you and I’m following you to – gorgeous cakes. :D

Thank you for your kind comment Bev. It really makes me happy !

Thank you so much for the follow, such an honour especially as your work is just beautiful and flawless x

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Thank you so much ANNA <3 We also love what you do :) it’s just beautiful. We are two sisters on the project Fées Maison. We are from MOROCCO and we started in April 2014. It’s a great experience for us and it is a world that fascinates us . See you very soon

Hi from Noreen in Ireland.
Lovely to meet you and now following your lovely work here too.


Hi Noreen ! We are two sisters : Kaoutar & Maria AHMADI from MOROCCO.

Thank your for your lovely comment :) New follower for you too ;) Nice to meet you <3

beautiful work :) following you now :)

Heba Elalfy ***more photos at

Beautiful work. I am a new follower….I am Carol from Wales UK

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Your work is so beautiful, you have a new follower