The Vagabond Baker


The Vagabond Baker

Jun 2012 363 Weston, Florida USA

I am a baker, cake artist and traveler. I love to take my experiences traveling and translate them into my flavors and cake designs.

-- Cynthia Lorow-The Vagabond Baker-Custom Cakes & Sweets with a Global Influence serving South Florida


Calli Creations

Hello lovely lady…. What a delight and pleasure to meet you last week in Miami… Your so beautiful and talented, inside and out… Love your cakes and hope to catch up again next year when we are back xx

il mondo di ielle

Hi Cynthia! Fantastic works!

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Congrats on your amazing work. You´ve got a new fan.

The Vagabond Baker

Thank you!

Calli Creations

Well done on Cake decorator of the Week Cynthia!!! Well deserved recognition, your cakes are all so inspiring

Jeanne Winslow

I so love your work – Congratulations!

Marianne: Tastefully Yours Cake Art

Congratulations! You have taken my crown from me….ha ha….I had it last week! But…I am so happy that you have it now…..your work is aaaaamazing! X Marianne

il mondo di ielle

Congrats for Cake decorator af the Week!! Your works are amazing!

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Big congrats for Cake Decorator of the Week!! Well deserved!

Lisa Templeton

Huge Congratulations on being decorator of the week! So very deserved!

Gilles Leblanc

Congratulations for been cake decorator of the week.your work is amazing.

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Hi Cynthia. Thank you for following me :) Reciprocating the love now.

Fancy Fondant WA

Hi Cynthia, just wanted to say how much I love your cakes. I am a new folower. Thanks for being an inspiration.