Super Mom for Mothers Day!

Super Mom for Mothers Day!

This was a cake I did for the NY Cake Show and the theme was Mothers Day! This was created for all the loving, wonderful, frazzled and frustrated Moms everywhere! All hand drawn and colored images and words ( Of Mom in other languages too!) and a complete modeling chocolate supermom topper complete with sponge slippers and handy dandy vacuum cleaner


Love it! Looks awesome!

Teri, Ontario, Canada

Such an awesome cake. Love it and Happy Mothers Day.

Love this! Amazing cake!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

What a great cake!

Janice Barnes @Jan's Sugarland of Cakes

I love it!!! So creative!!!

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎