Playful dog cake

Playful dog cake
Playful dog cake

Have been in caking hiatus for a few months as I’ve been busy with a new hobby. But here is a carved Doxiepoo dog cake for my baby niece whose birthday I missed last November. She turns 18 months and is visiting me from the west coast. So we are celebrating her 1 and a half year bday while she is here on vacation. She loves dogs and I was inspired to make a playful dog for the little girl. Head is made of foil armature, body is cake. The body is not touching the board and was made possible by an internal armature. Marvelous mold for the fur. Thanks for looking. :)


Amazing!! Perfectly done!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Wow!!! Superb modelling. Love him!!

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aww hes absolutely briliant! x

Gadget Cakes

Perfect, you nailed it. His pose and proportions are perfect.
Fantastic work 😊