Fantail Cakes


Fantail Cakes

Aug 2013 421 Christchurch, New Zealand

Originally from the UK now living the dream in New Zealand.

I have had a few very interesting jobs, all academic but nothing in the food industry, and after many years of dabbling with cake decorating as a hobby I decided it was now or never, and set up my own bespoke cake business.

I love creating new ideas, and especially enjoy it when clients come to me with some really off the wall ideas to see if I can replicate them in a cake.

I think it's great when fellow cake decorators share knowledge, tips and ideas.

I don't get precious about people using my designs...I'm flattered if anything I do has inspired you, and if you create something that's based on one of my designs just a credit for the original idea on your web page or FB will be much appreciated, and I'd love to see your version.

Happy Baking Folks :)

-- Sue.


Josie Durney

Great to find a fellow New Zealander on here :) New follow from me!

Roo's Little Cake Parlour

Thanks so much for the follow. I love the watering can cake so much, right up my street. Lucky you living in NZ, I have visited the South Island and absolutely loved it. X

Fantail Cakes

Thanks folks. I love Christchurch (,even when it wobbles and rumbles)

Make Pretty Cakes

Hello from the North Island <3

Cake Sweet Cake by Rory

Wonderful works! I love them! I follow you from Italy:)

Rebecca Jane Sugar Art

Hi there! Awesome to find another Chch caker on here. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations <3

Fantail Cakes

Hi Rebecca…we are a talented bunch down in chch aren’t we 😉. Love your cakes…they look amazing too😊