Sewing Basket for 100th Birthday

Sewing Basket for 100th Birthday
Sewing Basket for 100th Birthday Sewing Basket for 100th Birthday Sewing Basket for 100th Birthday

Today is Miriam’s 100th Birthday! What an honor it was to make a cake for this remarkable woman! She still loves to crochet, and make quilts, and takes care of herself in her own home! She looks absolutely amazing! I asked her what the secret was, and she said to “keep living it up until you die”! I made her favorite, vanilla cake with buttercream filling, covered in chocolate ganache and fondant. All of the sewing notions are edible and made from fondant. The last picture is of me and lovely Miriam. You would never believe she is 100 years old!

Toni, Pennsylvania,


This is so beautifully detailed and you’re right it is hard to believe Miriam is 100! Lovely photo of the two of you

Lyn (Nanna Lyn Cakes) xx

OMG Toni, this is totally awesome!! Look at the basket, it is fantastic!!

Dina @ miettes,

What a lovely photo – she looks amazing and very much younger than her age. A very fitting tribute, beautifully made x


I love love love this Toni!!! So so beautiful and the detail is gorgeous!!! Deffinately my fave I’ve decided!!! Lol Gorgeous photo too!!! :-) xxx

Oh wow this so awesome Toni, All the details are fabulous ♡♡♡


This is so wonderful – love the photo of the two of you :):):)

Toni this is amazing! I can’t believe the level of detail, wow. And such a momentous occasion! You both look beautiful :) xx

Toni this is awesome!! everything looks so real!!! amazing xxxxxxxxxx
There’s no way that lady is 100!! WOW!! She looks fantastic xxx


Thank you so much everyone! This is definitely one of my favorite cakes!

Toni, Pennsylvania,