Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse

So come on then, who can remember the Tv series Danger Mouse? My kids used to go mad when it came on and sing the song for hours!
These were made for one of my regular customers Husband who is mad on Danger Mouse. As per usual I was given what the theme was to be and left to design them and my customer loved them!

Hope you all do to xx

Carol https://www.facebook.com/CakesByCarolPeterborough


Carol, these are too cute!!

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Oh you’ve done it now I’m going to be singing the theme tune all day!! Very cool x

Zoe, Zoepop's Cakes www.facebook.com/zoepopscakes

Fabulous! I particularly like Baron Greenback. You’ve brought me right back to my childhood. xx

Aww these are excellent :) x

ellie's elegant cakery

Brilliant!! and I understand it’s coming back on the telly again soon xx New voices though I think xx


I remember him well – these are brilliant!


Obviously a UK show…..not familiar…but these are super cute!!!

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

these are so lovely Carol!! :) :) :) xx

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Thank you Calli, Zoe, Kizzy, Ellie, Karen, Judy, June, Bethann and Fiona glad you all like them :) xx

Carol https://www.facebook.com/CakesByCarolPeterborough