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Thompson Wedding Cake

I made this wedding cake a few weeks ago.. For a young lady that I have know since she was a little girl.. how they grow up so fast .. <3 <3

-- Dubey Cakes

Wooow I love it!! It’s so elegant and beautiful!! I love black & white designs!! ♥♥♥

-- |||

Thank you so much Isa :D I am so happy you like it <333333333xoxoxo

-- Dubey Cakes

Woooow lovely, like the whole cake :)

-- Cake my day...

Thank you so much Petra <333 xoxoxo… Thank you Agatha <333 xoxoxo… I am honored you like it <333

-- Dubey Cakes

wow that is one big cake :) X

-- ellie's elegant cakery

stunning Bethann! so elegant and beautiful .. lucky lady to get this :) xx

-- 'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela

Thank you Ellie it was a big cake :) and the first time I have ever used a cake stand in the upper tier.. I was very stressed , but everything went just fine :D xoxoxo

-- Dubey Cakes

thank you so much Elli <333 I am so happy you like the flower :) xooxxo….. Thank you so much Fiona xoxo <3333.. Thank you Zelda xoxo <3333… I am very honored you like it thank you again xxoxoxxo

-- Dubey Cakes

So elegant and very spectacular – that flower is amazing! X

-- Judy

Thank you so much Aga <3333 :)))) … Thank you Judy I am so happy you like the flower <333333 … I am honored xooxoxoxxo

-- Dubey Cakes

wowo so beautiful bethann

-- lilchick