Vanity and Violin cake

Vanity and Violin cake
Vanity and Violin cake Vanity and Violin cake Vanity and Violin cake

I really enjoy making cakes that are personalized with respect to people’s interests and in this case, inside jokes (or teasing, I should say).
This was made for a gentleman celebrating his 60th birthday. He plays and teaches viola, violin and cello. So he is ready to take join the symphony in his tux (violin at his side)… after he washes the mask off his face. He has a mirror to ensure he looks his best and is standing on a large jar of anti-aging cream to keep wrinkles at bay. (I’ve included pics of a close-up with the mask on and without, his skin is glowing.)
My friend and her brother show their love by teasing one another relentlessly. From what I see on social media, they love each other very much. :)
Thanks for looking!

Nicole ---


Fabulous theme, and he’s delightful

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Ha ha ha love the humour, but also that it is such a neat cake x

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

That’s brilliant and so personal too, bet he loved it


What a fabulous cake! I love the figure, and cake board!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Love this and all the amazing details, especially the violin. super!!

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