Elena´s Narcissus for the Fable Spring Collaboration

Elena´s Narcissus for the Fable Spring Collaboration
Elena´s Narcissus for the Fable Spring Collaboration Elena´s Narcissus for the Fable Spring Collaboration Elena´s Narcissus for the Fable Spring Collaboration Elena´s Narcissus for the Fable Spring Collaboration

I´m very happy to be part of the First Spanish Cake Collaboration. It´s called Fable Spring, and every one of us had to make a piece inspiring in a fable.
It could be a made up fable as mine. To understand this cake you shoul read my fable, Elena´s Narcissus.
Itás a 100% free hand painted cake.

There are so many talented artists, take a look:

Elena´s Narcissus Fable:

Elena was a three years old girl who liked flowers very much. In her birthday, her grandmother gave her a simple pot as a present, with a sole flower standing out. A big and yellow flower with large and bright green leafs trying to touch the sky. This flower rose from a bulb and her grandmother called it Narcissus. Elena loved it that instant and she spent the days caring, pampering and admiring joyfully her flower. But when the cold came the Narcissus petals started falling down, it´s leafs to dry and finally the flower died. The devastated little girl told her grandmother about it as she showed her sad pot. So her grandmother hugged her until she calmed down and just then, she explained her she should keep her precious bulb. Elena, puzzled, stared at her, and her grandmother told her this story:
“Every year, after winter time, Mother Spring awakes from her deep sleep, she stretches out and languidly spreading out her body like wanting to hold the world. Her skin start to emit a light, warm and gentle glow at the start, growing and expanding her hair slowly and timidly. Until this brightness turns into an explosion of life creating a hair torrent rapidly spilling everywhere reaching every corner. And from her thick mane grow the most green leafs, the most tender sprouts and the most beautiful flowers.
In summer, when Mother Spring ran out of energy, she lie in the sun sinking in a soft somnolence, warming her beautiful body with the sunlight rays, keeping this warmth into her. When autumn comes the falling leafs cover her and her sleep turns deeper, recovering her strengths to, after winter, wake up again culminating in a life explosion to consume her another year.”
That way Elena understood her little bulb, now so nude, was only sleeping and would revive next Spring, showing her beautiful petal colours once more, filling her room with a smooth fragrance. She also learned being patient has an award and that not everything is as it seems. Now when she looks at her pot, she doesn´t see a helpless pot, but a full of future promises pot.

Text by Arantxa Arteaga Gómez



Que decir que no He dicho jijijiji,que me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

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My lovely Arantxa!! LOVE your work!!!!!

Catalina Anghel

A bright and beautiful cake with a sweet and beautiful story to go with it. Your painting is simply joyful!
:-) xx

Julia Hardy

Reconocible al 1000% como una de tus maravillosas tartas! … me encanta! Eres una artista!!!


Mariló!!!!! Guapa!! jajajaja muchas gracias!! Me encanta verte por aquí :) haces muy bien.
Cata!!! Maaaaany thanks sweet lady!!! xoxo
Juliaaa!!! My Julia!!! Yayyy you are always sooooooo warm, thank you!! Im happy you like my cake and my story!!! xoxo
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Mayer guapetona!!! Jo qué guapa eres madre! Muchísimas gracias de verdad


Arantxa …the cake and story to go with it are so beautiful…so full of hope and promise….my heart is full …beautiful beautiful work xx


Esta preciosa Arantxa!! 😍😍😍