And the choice was Frozen, Frozen or Frozen.....

It’s been a bit quiet on the “Free Cakes for Kids” front and then, just like waiting for a bus, we had three requests together.
The briefs were -
Shyanne age 4 who loves Frozen
Lily age 3 who loves……Frozen
And finally Madison age 3 who loves……..yes you’ve guessed it…….Frozen!
So after a lot of thought I volunteered to make a Frozen cake.
Hey ho – at least it wasn’t 3 boys wanting minecraft cakes I guess………
Thanks for looking xx
PS added a picture of the snowflake sticks little tutorial by The Custom Cakery I found ages ago

-- Judy

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Very pretty!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Great cake!!!

The Little Cake Company

Ooooohh, I love this one- I love the snow flakes behind Olaf. Might have to use that idea…. :)

Pink Ann's Cakes

So pretty and your right about the mine craft cakes lol.. could Have been a lot worse! hehe


Thanks Luna and June – good to be back in the saddle after being poorly, even if it is Frozen again!


Thanks Karen – the snowflakes were shown a while back – I think it was the Custom Cakery. So easy and so effective – wish I’d thought of it first!


So pretty!


Thanks Amanda – at least Frozen is fairly easy when you need to make something fairly quick – I might not be so quick to volunteer for minecraft!

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

This is fab Judy!!!!! Youre so right about the minecraft thing!
Im a frozen virgin!!! ;-))


It’s adorable! I love your way to make Madison name :)


That’s lovely Judy


Thanks Katarzynka – and thank you Christine – giggling at you bring a Frozen Virgin…….does that make you an ice maiden? 😉

Heavenly Treats by Lulu

Gorgeous :-D


Thank you Carol and Clara xx


Awww thanks Lulu xx

More Cakes Judy

And the choice was Frozen, Frozen or Frozen.....