1920s vintage car cake

1920s vintage car cake
1920s vintage car cake
1920s vintage car cake
1920s vintage car cake
1920s vintage car cake

This was my entry for the national cake show in Ireland 2015, hosted by Cork Sugarcraft Guild. The category I chose was ‘open carved novelty’ and you had to represent cake in a decade. I chose the 1920s. I based the car on a 1927 Rolls Royce Phantom 1 Playboy Roadster owned by Hollywood silent film cowboy actor Tom Mix. The interior of his car was the most beautiful burgundy and his exterior was more of a sky blue. I wanted something a little more vibrant hence my use of the electric blue for the exterior. Sadly, while I received some really lovely positive feedback from the British Sugarcraft Guild judges, who had flown over to judge the event, my entry was disqualified due to my misinterpretation of one of the rules. The rule stated that the exhibit had to contain at least 50% cake. I interpreted ‘exhibit’ as the thing I was carving, ie, the car, and it was completely made of cake except for the wheels which were made from florist paste (gumpaste). Unfortunately for me, ‘exhibit’ meant the entire work, including the area of the cake board. So if I had used a smaller board on which to display the cake, I wouldn’t have been disqualified. Anyway lesson learnt and at least now I know what is involved in making a vintage convertible ….and also to refuse if any client ever asks for one!



Amazing cake!!

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Wow Karen……you did an amzing job, such a shame you were disqualified :-(
Your attention to detail is outstanding……this is my winner! ♡

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Wow this is fantastic. Silly rule I would have thought the same as you, surely the board isn’t usually classed as part of the cake it is just a surface on which to put it on, a necessity if you put it directly on to the table would they have included the whole table as part of the cake. Definitely worthy of a gold in my rule book ;) x

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Amazing, amazing creation. I keep coming back to this. Your details are incredible. Tis a thing of absolute beauty! x

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Oh wow… Karen, this is just so remarkably brilliant! … What a shame about the strict ruling.. so sorry hon :(

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Amazing cake and wish rulls had a bit of commen sens x


Best car cake I have ever seen

Sharon, Ireland