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I had such a lot of fun making this Merida Brave doll cake for a friends little girl. She supplied the doll and gave me free reign to create it however I wanted… I really loved being able to add lot’s of little details like the bow and arrows, the thistles, the smaller detail to the top of her dress and the mossy rocks. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it.


How fantastic!

-- Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

Love it. I can see that you also added some Scottish Thistle ;)

-- JT Cakes

Gorgeous!!! <3 xx

-- Barbara @Sweet Janis, http:/

Lovely and very neat!!!

-- Learn from the past! Get yourself a blank canvas and paint your own life. Be your own artist! Mila,

So pretty xx

-- Sweet-E

I love the garment which sets off the doll’s gorgeous hair colouring. super xx

-- 'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela

She is adorable, I love the dress and the color!

-- Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

very pretty!

-- Anka

Gorgeous! And I love the little thistles

-- Tanya from Novel-T Cakes