fabric and jewels - CI entry

fabric and jewels - CI entry

description and experiences here:

I would have taken more photos of the male peacock, but he was a casualty of the journey back home. Plus throughout the event people kept touching the cake, then wiping the silver paint on their finger off on one of the other tiers! That happened twice, though I didn’t see it. Just to let you know it wasn’t like that when I dropped it off, or at the point of judging.

what do you think? :)

best wishes,
Sawsen (or “Sawson” XD)


Thank you Michal and Shweta :)

what a stunning entry, that jewelled tier is gorgeous and the whole cake is WOW! congratulations on your certificate xx


Thank you Laylah, I really enjoyed the experience of making this cake, I learnt a lot :)

oh my giddy aunt, wow! I have just read your script (you are an amazing writer by the way, I was hooked the whole way through). This is outstanding and my idea of a perfect cake. GOLD from me! :) xx
Have pinned to Amazing Cakes.. so there!

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