Lilac and Roses Posy Cake

Lilac and Roses Posy Cake
Lilac and Roses Posy Cake Lilac and Roses Posy Cake

This Lilac and Roses Posy Cake was originally going to be my birthday cake in November but a few days before it I was browsing the Taming Twins blog and was seduced by a Caramel Rocky Road Cake (see other views).

However as I had already made the flowers I went ahead and made this one the following week – that sounds so greedy!

Pamela -


It’s beautiful xx And the caramel cake looks far too nice for words. Decoration on a cake is obviously something we all love, but when it’s your own Birthday a cake that says at least 2000000000000 calories a slice would win for me in this case xx


Oh boy Pamela, that caramel and chocolate cake looks so sinful!!! :-D
Your lilac blossoms and roses are so prettily perfect – such a beautiful cake! xx

Julia Hardy

Very pretty and the flow were are gorgeous x


Pamela your cakes are always so amazing and perfect in every detail :) By the way my birthday is in November, too. Maria

Very beautiful and beautiful flowers,Pamela!