Winter Robin

Winter Robin
Winter Robin Winter Robin Winter Robin

This was my last seasonal cake of the year. Only delivered a couple of days ago, it was made for a very good friend that I don’t see til after Christmas each year and my gift is always Christmas cake which she loves. Of course the beauty of making cake as gifts for friends is the opportunity for experimentation and trying out new things. I’ve never done anything like this before, neither in terms of the structure nor theme. The biggest thing I learned was that I never ever want to try and carve a fruit cake again. This one had nine weeks maturing and being fed with brandy but still crumbled everywhere and in the end I had to hold it all together with a brandy steeped chocolate ganache which was not part of the original plan! Overall though I’m really happy with the finished cake. I looked at so many pictures of robins over the course of the project, and to me, he does look just like he’s a chilly bird who’s puffed out all his feathers to stay nice and warm ;). He’s mostly airbrushed with some dusted accents and a few handpainted finer details. And I used up my final poinsettia I prepared before Christmas on the board too. I hope you like him!
Thank you for looking :)

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