The Simpsons

The Simpsons

This cake was awesome to make, I ha no budget to work against and had total free reign over the design, they just wanted something fit for a HUGE simpsons fan. I crammed as much simpsons detail on there as I could! Moes Tavern, Ned flanders hiding round the back, Duff cans, Powerplant…allsorts! x


I love it!!! and I also love when that happens and a customer gives you free range to do whatever you want!!! Another awesome cake!!, follow us on facebook @

thanks :)

Ha ha yeah two of my favourite words! ‘free reign’ but that also goes hand in hand with ‘no budget’. I was told to make it as big as I could in the time limit I had LOL
Just love it when that happens! rare occurrence….but still awesome :)

D’oh! That is one heck of a cake!!! Love it!

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