Cityscape Wedding

Cityscape Wedding
Cityscape Wedding Cityscape Wedding Cityscape Wedding Cityscape Wedding

This 4 tier wedding cake was designed and made for a jet-setting couple who wanted it to reflect the cities they have lived in (London, Hong Kong & New York) and include their love of skiing/boarding. The wedding celebration was also held at the very top of London’s iconinc Gherkin building, so the cake needed to reflect the splendour of its surroundings! The cakes were 12" chocolate, 10" red velvet, 8" vanilla and 6" battenberg (a first for me, and the groom’s favourite!). The iconic buildings were hand cut from pastillage with relief detailing added using an extruder gun. The generic skyscrapers didn’t need to be quite so structural, so they were cut from sugarpaste. I added little pops of colour with transport logos from the 3 cities, iconic vehicles and a UK telephone box. Finally, the bride and groom were sculpted in sugarpaste, wearing their wedding outfits, but with bobble hats and ski goggles and their snow board/skis. They were placed in front of a hand cut mountain range. In total there were 104 individual pieces on this cake and it took almost 70 hours to complete (with research time included). It was another step outside of my comfort zone, but I was delighted with the result. See if you can spot these iconic buildings: St. Paul’s Cathedral (London), The Statue of Liberty (NY), The Lippo Building (HK), St. Bride’s Church (London), St. Patrick’s Cathedral (NY), The Bank of China (HK), Tower Bridge (London), The Shard (London), The Chrysler Building (NY), The Big Buddha (HK), Nelson’s Column (London), Big Ben (London), a NY taxi, The London Eye, The Empire State Building (NY), The ICC (HK), The Gherkin (London), A London cab, and many more…

Thank you for looking :) x