Chandelier Wedding Cake

Chandelier Wedding Cake
Chandelier Wedding Cake Chandelier Wedding Cake Chandelier Wedding Cake Chandelier Wedding Cake

Here is my very first Chandelier cake. My brother (the groom), hubby and myself nutted out how to make it (couldn’t afford a tutorial :-( ). Because the venue was almost 3 hours away from all of us, we couldn’t keep checking to see if it was going to work. Our first look at it was about 4pm the afternoon before the wedding. It was a high 38°c outside, and the marquee had it’s sides on and no air conditioning!!!!! Once the sides came off it wasn’t too bad….
The top tier was a massive 18″ × 4″, then 14", 10", 6". To give a better idea of size, another of my brothers is pictured under the chandelier cake.
I also made the gown, as that is actually what my profession is :-)

Caroline Nagorcka - Sculptress of Cakes


WOW!!!! This is simply gorgeous and is definitely the centerpiece of the room.

Tampa, Florida

Simply fabulous Caroline, the cake and the gown. So much talent in one person!


Incredible. I have no idea how you managed that. Beautiful cake. A really beautiful bride too and her dress is lovely.


Wow! Stunning and so amazing! The bride’s gown is divine! You are awesome! :) ❤

Pauline Bakes The Cake!

The beautiful couple deserves a beautiful cake!! You managed really well!!

M&G Cakes,,

Ok I am totally in LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE!!!! <3

Enchanting Merchant Co

Wowww!!! You made the cake and the gown?!!! Lucky brother and sister-in-law!!! haha!!! You have amazing talent!!!!:)

Jackie, Singapore