Nightmare on Duck Street

Nightmare on Duck Street

Nightmare on Duck Street! Inspired by a comic that tickled my funny bone, here is my Halloween contribution to Frosted Frights Halloween Cake Collaboration. Hey…if you were a duck this would frighten the feathers off you too! giggle

Backboard and floor using embossing tools on NZ Bakels Pettinice. Duck is covered in 50/50 mix of Pettinice and Chocit Modelling Chocolate. Duct tape painted with 100% Metallic Dark Silver Rainbow Dust Colours Ltd from Kiwicakes. I also added the pavement specks by flicking the Rainbow Dust on the ground. I will be posting a tutorial for creating armature for a wall mounted cake later.

Hope you enjoy my quirky sense of heeheehee. Happy Halloween everyone!

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