Look at the flowers

Look at the flowers
Look at the flowers Look at the flowers Look at the flowers

I must admit I have never seen the show.. but I was ask to make this cake for a clients husband for his birthday… I tried to find the beauty in the subject.. I hope you like it :)

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Thank you so much April :)

Dubey Cakes

Love it! Its one of my favourite shows!

Heaven in paper cups!

Thank you Angel :))) I am glad you like it :) <3 so many people love the show.. I would rather watch animal planet..lol …… Thank you Pauline :)) <3 <3

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whoaw!! wow Bethan!! x

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Bethann I don’t know the show but I do know that this is one amazing cake!! The design flows so well and the execution is perfect – how clever you are!! :-) x

Julia Hardy

Thank you so much Fiona :))) Thank you Julia :))))) that is so nice of you :D Thank you LIn :)) <3 <3 I am so happy you like it .. it was a little out of the kind of cakes I make , but I tried :))

Dubey Cakes

Never heard of the show either….but I know a great cake when I see it!!!!

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