Daenerys Targaryen bust

Daenerys Targaryen bust
Daenerys Targaryen bust Daenerys Targaryen bust Daenerys Targaryen bust

I made this bust as a reference, practice piece. Khaleesi made from modeling chocolate. The head has a styrofoam base, there is a center dowel, and I bulked up the torso with aluminium foil. If it’s an order I would use rkt instead. The dragon has a whole wire armature, sculpted from modeling chocolate. The wings are made from wafer paper, I used piping gel to stick them to the armature. Modeling chocolate works beautifully together with wafer paper I painted the wings with lemon extract powder food color mix, but with a very dry brush. The dragon painted with lemon extract powder food color mix. To color Daenerys was a challenge. I used powder food color and shortening mix for the skin / idea from Top Tier Cakes for All Occasions/ , I wanted to give her a little ,,on the road’’ look. I used this method on her lips too. I used lemon extract with powder food color for the eyes, and hair. Cocoa butter white powder food color for the highlight. Her clothes also painted with lemon extract powder food color mix, than I add dry dust. The scale of the bust is aprx.: 2:1

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Yyyyyeeaahh You know already that I love her a lot!!Amazing job!!no worlds…You are amazing artist Hajnalka😁😁😁


It´s simply amazing. Perfect. Incredible. I love this piece


tell you what ..you are the business. my goodness me. I am speechless. This has to be the most amazing, sensitive and beautiful work of sugar art I have ever seen. Straight up. Wow… Have pinned to sugarcraft. but really should be ‘mastercraft’.

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Amazing as always ….you are my true inspiration xoxo


Hajnalka, my beautiful talented friend…. You have surpassed yourself with this exquisite masterpiece! You know this will be going strwight to my Pinterest Board for amazing talented artisrs such as yourself…. You are a true artist in every way, I get you and all that you see… You are connected to the earth, you see beauty, light and shade… You see all through the eyes of an artist… I’m totally in awe…
I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones…. She is perfect…. And you my dear are one formidable artist. 👏👏👏👏👏👏😘😘😘

Ps…. Just shown my husband, also a fan of Games of Thrones…. and he knew straight away who it was x

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Thank you so much for all of you! Calli i don’t know if you read this but your words just made my cry ….Thank you so much my dear lovely lady friend xxxxx

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Amazing, fantastic cake!