Christian Louboutin shoe

Do you ever get those cake orders that you say to yourself why did I say yes? Well, that was me this week. I am such a walk over and after a few please, please’s I crumble.

I got the cake request for this cake late Sunday evening for today, Friday. Now usually this is too short notice, but I’d pencilled this week off, so technically I could do it, but when they asked for a shoe, I should have stuck to my guns, knowing that the chances of it drying in time were thin. But, as I said I’m way too soft and against my better judgement I agreed. So, what did the weather do…rain, rain, rain making an incredibly damp atmosphere and a very fragile sugar shoe. What a relief to have this cake finally picked up today. I don’t think I could stand the stress of seeing how the sugar wouldn’t set anymore, and of course I kept having to prod it to see how it was doing, which of course made things fall off and break and I had to refix it. Lol. Another rule I didn’t follow this week – don’t faff, leave it alone, as it really doesn’t matter if something is not quite the way you won’t it, no-one will notice but you. Lol.

I think I also held my breath the whole time I painted the Laboutin logo on the side in case I messed it up. Argh, white pain it’s like painting with tipex, anyone else remember doing that at school?

Anyway, one vanilla sponge with raspberry and vanilla meringue buttercream filling with white chocolate ganache and covered in fondantfor the lovely Becca’s 21st birthday. I used Swarovski crystals for the buckle and detail at the back. I also used a black ribbon for the detail at the back of the shoe, sugar just would have been too heavy. Everything else is all edible.

Hope you like it and sorry if I bored you with my rambling. Sometimes you just gotta get it out. Lol

Sam. X

-- Samantha's Cake Design

birthday shoe


June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Lovely cake….Lovely shoe….I hear ya about the rain….a killer for fondant/gumpaste!! But you pulled it off!!


so pretty

Bethann Dubey

Beautiful and love the box in the back of the shoe <3333 stunning <3

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Very pretty!

Julia Hardy

Your kind heart meant that Becca got a wonderful cake with a fantastic shoe! – nobody would have known you had any problems with it. (The only time I tried to paint with white I hated it – it didn’t flow well and kind of separated but your lettering looks great!) :-) x

Elli Warren

Gorgeous!! Just lovely!! You did a brilliant job!! :-) x

Znique Creations


Cake A Chance On Belinda

Brilliant job, the whole thing looks beautiful x


It is a fantastic work!! Congrants….

Laras Theme Cakes

Beautiful x

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Christian Louboutin shoe