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Karate Dad
Suraj is a Karate exponent and is a 4th dan black belt. On his birthday a little karate kid joined him for celebrations. Sharmila’s & Suraj’s baby boy was born just a few days before the new father’s birthday. Sharmila wanted a surprise cake for her ‘Karatekaran’ husband who got his birthday gift early. She wanted a birthday cake which also announced the new arrival.
So here’s the karate dad showing off his karate moves in a dad’s role while his son watches on.

-- Cake Canvas from ANNAsKITCHEN

birthday karate man baby cloths line blue dad newborn


Aga Leśniak

wow !!

Calli Creations

Fantastic! Your modelling is superb!

CraftyMummysCakes (Tracy-Anne)



So cuteeee ….great modelling <3

Anna Mathew Vadayatt

Thank you Aga Lesniak, Lylah, and Calli

Anna Mathew Vadayatt

Thanks a lot SweetLin and CraftymummyCakes

Enza - Sweet-E

So original Anna and your modelling is amazing x

Anna Mathew Vadayatt

Thank you so much Enza

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

what a clever idea!! amazing modeling…

Bethann Dubey

Awesome Sculptures <333 and love the story of the cake :D :D

Anna Mathew Vadayatt

Thanks a lot jchuk and Bethann..:)


Awesome Modelling!!!


great modelling! Ü

SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa

Fantastic modelling!

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Karate Dad