Moroccan Pillows

Moroccan Pillows
Moroccan Pillows Moroccan Pillows Moroccan Pillows Moroccan Pillows

I LOVED making this cake! It took over 45 hours, but was totally worth it. It was large – it’s sitting on an 18" drum and was 2 feet tall – and entirely edible. I made the lantern topper using pink Isomalt and sugarpaste panels that I stuck together with royal icing, before air brushing with edible gold paint. I was so nervous making it as I had no idea if it was going to work! The pillows themselves are chocolate sponge with salted chocolate buttercream, and vanilla with vanilla buttercream. They were decorated in vibrant Morocco-inspired colours with lots of opulent gold detailing for which I either used gold cake lace (love that stuff!) or hand painted with edible gold paint (tassles, piping, scrolls). I used the Moroccan Lattice Marvellous Mould for the board, but it took a VERY long time to cover such a large area and my decision to put different coloured panels in the lattice work may not have been the most time-intelligent move I’ve ever made! Anyway. Here it is. I think it’s one of my best cakes to date. What do you think?

Thanks for looking :) x



WOW!!! Totally fabulous – the details are incredible. The board is awesome and the lantern really looks like it has a candlelight in it :-D:-D:-D

Awesome details, love the cake and the gorgeous colours x

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