Floral Fantasy. Bridal magazine feature, Singapore.

Floral Fantasy. Bridal magazine feature, Singapore.

This design shimmers and sparkles. One solitary round cake of this design, a beautiful crystal stand, and a beautiful draping tablecloth would be suitable for gracing a small wedding or affair.

Seven of the ten cakes for this idea are covered in caramel colored fondant and three cakes are covered in black fondant. Each tiered cake is a 4"H oval, and the surrounding accent table cakes are 4"H rounds.

The pleated flowers are dried fondant. Centers are wired gold beading but these centers can be substituted with a number of artistic dimensional and edible methods.

Small white minilights create a soft sparkle between each tiered layer. Enjoy!

P. S. Please simply enjoy this cake for the personality it takes on as a whole and try not to succumb to the discouraging feelings of “I could never do something like this!” because that is definitely not my intention in any way, shape or form here. This 10 layered “wonder” took incredible amounts of thought and planning to be able to create it in a very short lead time and thus did not magically and effortlessly get pulled out of a hat like one might (on first thought) think. Simply enjoy this like you would a pretty Christmas tree all lit up, glittery and sparkly. Generally, you don’t think about who put all the beautiful tree decorations up and how long it took do you? You just gaze dreamily into it. See how much better that feels? Enjoy! Beverley W.

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