Escher in summertime

Escher in summertime
Escher in summertime

“Escher in summertime” as a wedding anniversary cake

This cake was delivered at a beautiful majestical location in the centre of the Hague (the Netherlands).
It’s difficult to cover squire cakes in this warm weather especially if they are quit big. Usually I covered the cake with one rolled out piece of fondant. Because of the size of the middle tier, I have decided, for the first time, to cover the middle tier with panels of fondant. The client was very specific about the color, it just had to be turquoise! I’m pleased with how the cake turned out.

xxx Riany


How amazing design!!!! Wow!!!!! Stunning!


Totally “Riany” … as amazing as all your cakes!!

Dina @ miettes,

Gorgeous as always Rainy!

Tampa, Florida

Absolutely stunning! Perfect rendition of Escher

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