Frozen inspiration

Frozen inspiration
Frozen inspiration Frozen inspiration

This week’s cake is a little special – I know of cake decorators who would loathe a cake from the movie Frozen – it’s been reproduced in so many shapes and forms, even seven months after! So I decided to take a different spin on it and make it more couture-like. This has been in my head for months now, I tell you, getting it into action was finally a big sigh of relief.
This one has no Queen Elsa, or Princess Anna.
This design is just taking elements of Queen Elsa’s dress after she has let it go. And I do like the white against the blue watercolour effect.
The idea of the square panels came to me later on after I rewatched the movie a few more times, where there were little sequins (?) on the dress. And the roses – what can I say? They’re as romantic as a winter’s day.

Vincent Goh