Pink Lemonade Party!

Pink Lemonade Party!

As I have probably said way too many times…I LOVE making smash cakes…but what I love more is making smash cakes with matching cupcakes!!

This order was made a few months back and was kind of a last minute squeeze in type deal. When I took the order, the only stipulation was the cupcakes needed candy lemon wedges…I obliged thinking “no problem!”….WRONG! I spent the better part of a week calling every single candy shop in the state because online ordering was out of the question with the time frame. Finally the day before the order was due (yes it came that close) I caught a break and found a shop almost an hour away that had them. We drove there almost breaking the sound barrier (my plan was to claim our speeding was a “cake emergency” if we got pulled over) and I walked through the candy shop doors like someone walking into a treasure filled cave and filled a bag with the sugary yellow wedges while cooing “myyy preciousss” (you think Im kidding, but Im not, my inner Gollum did come out that day).

Needless to say I learned my lesson and I will ALWAYS make sure I can find something before promising it. lol.

All in all though I LOVE the way everything came out. Its definitely not one of my more complex cakes but I think sometimes the simple details shine through. Plus I had a blast making the fondant lemons for the cake so that was a plus!

Hope you all enjoy!
xoxo- Sara

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Lol ! Loving your inner gollum x great cake x

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such sweet cake & cuppies….

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Looks great, love the vibrant pink and I love your fondant lemons! Sounds like a nightmare getting the candy lemons!

Mel, Yorkshire,

Sara,, I absolutely adore this cake/cupcakes! And your story made be laugh out loud, too many times I have found myself in a similar situation! Thanks for sharing and reassuring I’m not the only crazy cake lady, lol

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