Friends Reunion

A university friend contacted me to commission a cake for the reunion of her final year housemates she was organising. This was the result of our emails and telephone calls – how lovely to be able to rekindle a friendship after what we soon realised was a 10 year absence! Back to the cake… A quadruple layer 8" rich chocolate cake with salted chocolate buttercream that stood 7" tall. It needed to be tall to accommodate the front door of the house they all shared and I was very glad to be able to use the wrap method for covering it! It seemed to me that every time I visited their house (back in the mid 90s!) they were watching an episode of ‘Friends’ so it occurred to me to emulate that on the cake by modelling them around a sofa, which was sculpted from RKT and then covered in a rich purple sugarpaste. The five housemates were then sculpted from sugarpaste and dressed in clothes that I remember them wearing back then! This was a very personal cake for me and it brought back a lot of very happy memories from our uni days. BUT I discovered how tricky it is to make sugar likenesses of people you know… and had to make and remake most of the models several times, so the modelling time was EPIC… 12hrs+! Sheesh.

Thank you for looking :) x

-- CakeyCake,

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Well done!

Allways Julez

Well done… love your modelling and the idea of sitting on the couch! ♥

Elli Warren

Brilliant!!! Your modelling is fantastic!! Great design!! :-) x


Thank you ladies :) x


Thanks Mila :)

The Custom Cakery

Oh it’s fab Harriet! Love personal cakes like this and your models look amazing.


Thank you Kokeko, Thank you Mel xx


Thanks Laylah x


Its wonderful and what a fab story for the reason behind the cake, awesome work! :-)


Very nice!!


great job


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Xx

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Friends Reunion