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Romero Britto Piano cake

This cake I made for my husband’s 40th surprise party. Actually his birthday is this coming Friday, but I am taking him to surprise getaway, so we decided to get together with a family and close friends to celebrate his birthday last weekend instead.
I decided to make this cake for my husband, because one of his main hobbies is playing piano. He is currently studying for his ATCL recital exam Trinity College of London. So, I wanted to make a Baby Grand piano. There are lots of black and white and Liberace style pianos, so I wanted to make something different. Since I am in love with Romero Britto’s work, I decided to replicate his Steinway & Sons 150th Year Anniversary piano.

My mission “Impossible” was to make him a surprise birthday cake. I felt like the Ethan Hawke of the “Cake world.” I had to do it while he wasn’t around. My husband has very flexible working hours and bad luck for me, because that particular week he was working from home:))) So I had to deal with the cake when he was out and quickly hide it when I heard the garage door open:))) I felt like I was on cake decorating programs on TV and trying to make a cake within limited hours.
Anyway, I managed in the end. He absolutely loved it!

-- Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,

piano cake baby grand piano romero britto piano colourful piano



Fabulous cake, Gulnaz!!! Love it!! Love this new style of yours :-)

AWG Hobby Cakes

woo !! haven’t seen this one yet !:) love it

Allways Julez

Love your exciting use of colour… and finshed perfectly, Gulnaz! ♥♥♥

Agatha Rogowska ( Cakefield Avenue)

Love it Gulnaz! Awesome colors xxx

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Stunning, Gulnaz!!! I love your new modernist style!!!

Rumana Jaseel

omg! Gulnaz! this is stunning!

Sweet Rocket Queen (Simona Stabile)

Stunning cake….and i imagine you like 007!!! LOL!!

Gulnaz Mitchell

Thank you so much, Dina, Wallace, Julez, Agatha, Marlene,Rumana and Simona! Truly appreciate your support and kind words!


Wow Gulnaz this is beautifully done! Love it! Your design is awesome! :-)

Veenas Art of Cakes

Wow..! Gulnaz you are amazing – this is so awesome.. <3

Zoeys Bakehouse

Gulnaz I am loving what you are doing with your cakes … so so vibrant and kaleidoscopic!!

JT Cakes

beautiful and original idea


You made my day!
Another Romero Britto <3.
Awsome cake Gulnaz!! xxx


This is so vibrant! Beautiful work and stunning cake


Absolutely stunning Gulnaz!

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Romero Britto Piano cake