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The Walking Dead Zombie Cake

the cake for my other half! Wont be everyones cup of tea, but im a huge horror fan….Adam however has a phobia of them LMAO He does love the walking dead though and is probably the ONLY horror related programme he will watch :)


walking dead zombie cake gore blood gruesome evil screwdriver birthday


Little Cherry

too many photos to upload, so here is the video:


This is AWESOME!

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Awesome cake….I so love it!!!! OMG…OMG…I love the Walking Dead!!!! Awesome job!!! xoxo

Lesley Wright

VERY amazing! My husband’s lucky if there’s a clean plate in the house for me to put a chocolate eclair on. That I bought from the supermarket.

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara)

Awesome! I am in love with the walking dead!!!!

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Fantastic! Love the Walking Dead, you nailed it! You should post this on the shows facebook page :)

Sheryl BITO

this is so right up my alley! awesome!

Nikki Belleperche

LoveLoveLove it! Horror cakes are the best cakes in my honest opinion!


This is so cool. I know a lot of people who would love it. Great job!


I like it. My first 3D cake was Pinhead from the Hell Raiser series. Big horror fan here as well.

Little Cherry

aww thank-you all so much!! Wow lots of horror fans creeping out….i LOVE it!!

a 3d pinhead?! now that is something i would love to see! xxx

thanks again everyone :) x

Sarah F

Great cake, I showed my husband and he loved it! Is it all cake or did you use rice krispie treats or something else for the head?

Tiffany Palmer

This is awesome! Great job!!

Benni Rienzo Radic

I love horror movies too! This is awesome!

Louise Jackson Cake Design

Well done! Fabulous cake – Very clever lady! :) x

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The Walking Dead Zombie Cake