Hi, My name is Kim and I started cake decorating in the summer of 2010. With my kids all grown I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I had always admired people who could decorate beautiful cakes so I decided to takes some courses at my local craft store. I have been expanding ever since. I started baking cakes and giving them away just so I could do them. As people started seeing them they started asking for me to do more for them and friends. So, because this is a hobby that cost me I decided I had to start charging at least for the supplies. People paid this and always gave me extra for my time. It has been so much fun creating new things and sharing my work with others and seeing others work. And I make a little extra money to buy all the new tools and gadgets that I find. Thanks for taking the time to view my page and my cakes.
Happy Baking to you,

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