Parisian themed birthday cake

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Lauren’s very last birthday party at high school just had to be a special one. Yes she is 18 years now ! A lot of her classmates were invited, so she was expecting a jaw-dropping cake .
Well how could I deny? The choice was easy, as Paris is one of her favourite cities, it just had to be a parisian themed cake. They loved it! It’s a rich moist chocolate cake with chocolate cream and cherry pie filling.
xxx Riany


Wow, gorgeous!! I love it, it´s so beautiful!

-- *** Baked with Love ***

so lovely!

-- La Mimmi


-- Analaria1

Wow, what a beauty!!! Love it!!!

-- Marlene - CakeHeaven

Stunning, Riany!

-- Anka

Wow!!! Absolute Fab!!!!

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-- Vanessa-Mmmm cakes and cupcakes

Stunning cake!!! Love these colours!!